Celebrating Mady's Homegoing

Celebrating Mady's Homegoing
At Madysens Homegoing Tasha..Dot..Me..Enoch (my nephew)

Monday, June 18, 2012


"I want to leave a legacy..how will they remember me...will I choose to Love???!!"
Those are the first few lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Nicole Nordeman.
As I think back over these last 6months of my life that word has become more important to me. I recently returned from Iceland with a group of highschool students from Legacy High...so when they hear that word school automatically comes to mind or their friends. In a different aspect they may even think of Ms McGuinness their trip sponsor whom they all adore. When I think of her legacy "great teacher" comes to mind no doubt....but what about me??!! Losing Madysen so suddenly broke my heart and has truly changed my perspective on SOOOOOO many things it's crazy how one thing can change your whole world.
Speaking of Madysen....oh my I could speak on her forevvveeerrr!! When I look back over her 8 years of life that little girl was AMAZING. She impacted so many people and I had no clue. She is known for her beautiful smile charm kind heart and loquacious nature. Literally every card that I've received states Mady we loved your smile. Her teachers always went on and on about her being a chatty Cathy!! Lol. One card I received from a woman I didn't even know stating how wonderful Mady was to her daughter when know one else would. :) I mean at 8 she touched a whole community...everyone I see still has their RIP Madysen bracelets on....I can't have a breakdown with out someone calling me because they are having a breakdown. Lol. It's just mind blowing to me because I never knew how much she meant to EVERYONE...it makes my heart smile that my baby girl has left such a great LEGACY!!!
So now me...the mommy...oh wow!!!! Well let me just state Madysen was nothing like her mother lol!!...I'm quiet but can be chatty at times...never been known as "the life of the party" lol. I'm working hard to be known as a strong woman God...I want Gods light to shine so bright in me their is NO DOUBT he's the center of my joy. To be honest it's not easy not easy at all!!! Every day I have struggles...hurdles you name it....but I have to remember the joy of the Lord is my strength!!! Stay focused Cheresa I continue to tell myself!!! Keep your eyes on HEAVEN!!!....because if I know Mady her exact words will be "momma I told Jesus to put your name in the Book of Life but he said you didn't make it but I did..sorry!!" and then she gives you the fake smile she always did!! Hahahahaha that girl of mine you have to love her!!!
It still doesn't feel real but I continue to hang on to the fact that I WILL see my princess again!!!!